Intention Statement vs. Affirmation: What’s the Difference?

Technically speaking, your intention statement is the goal you’re trying to bring about (manifest) in your life.  For example “I have $20,000,000,” whereas an affirmation would be an “I AM” statement that you could repeat during the day that would support this, like “I AM A MULTIMILLIONAIRE” or “I HAVE AMAZING FINANCIAL SUCCESS.”

Some Law of Attraction practitioners (me included) will use the terms “intention statement” and “affirmation” interchangeably.    This is why I will only focus on one affirmation at a time.

If you find that you get bored easily focusing on one thing or that it has less meaning for you the more you say it, you might want to work with both an intention statement and some supporting affirmations.  As with all things law of attraction/ manifestation, you should do whatever resonates the most for you!!