Law of Attraction/ Manifestation Planner: Manifest That Sh*t

Law of Attraction Planner

Law of Attraction Planner: Two Year Monthly Planner, Two Pages per Month, Holidays, Contact Info, Address Book, Passwords, Affirmation Scripting, Vision Board, Gratitude Exercises to Bring Your Manifestations to Life

This is a monthly planner for manifesting your goals and intentions. At the beginning of the month, you will write down your intention, then do an affirmation scripting exercise where you write a detailed letter to the universe about what your manifestation will look like. Then (if you desire), you will use the next page to create a vision board of these intentions. The vision board is a visual representation of your intentions and can include sketches, photos, or any other visual reminder that is emotionally evocative for you.

As you go about your business for the month, referring to the convenient “two page per month” design of this planner, you’ll find yourself frequently glancing over your intentions and vision board, which will help bring your dreams to life. At the end of the month, you’ll do a little check-in to see what’s happened that month, then you’ll start over at the beginning of the next month, either with the same intentions or with new ones (when your previous ones have manifested).

Law of Attraction Journal

Law of Attraction JournalThis is a great workbook that guides you through writing all of your goals down, then trying out various law of attraction/ manifestation techniques, from visualization to meditation to vision boards and several of all the different kinds of written manifestations, like the 369 and the 55 X 5 for you to try. By the end of the book, you will absolutely be familiar with what the law of attraction and manifestation are as well as setting some goals and starting to try out some manifestation methods to see which one feels the most right to you (and which one starts getting you the best results).

Law of Attraction JournalĀ