Manifestation Journal


Manifestation Journal: A Guided Notebook Combining Three Manifesting Methods for Supercharged Results with the Law of Attraction, 369, Scripting, and Meditation

If you’ve been trying to change your life and create a new reality, you’ve no doubt heard of the law of attraction and the use of affirmations. You’ve found this workbook because you are trying to make something happen in your life. That’s great!

This workbook combines popular different manifestation techniques into one of the most potent and effective methods out there. If you need to turn something around in your life (money, love, health, or otherwise), this is the journal for you.

Here are the three elements to this supercharged manifestation method:

Meditation/ getting in the flow— this is a vitally important part of the process. You will use this step to connect to the energy of the Universe.

Scripting— this is when you write your intention in detail, as if it has already happened, as a “Dear Universe” letter.

Written affirmations— this is when you write your intention/ goal (in one sentence form) 3 times a day for 33 days. You’ll do it 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening. This is sometimes called the “3 6 9 Method” and variations of it are popular on TikTok.

On the first day, you will spend a little time connecting to the energy of the universe. Since every person has a different way of connecting with this energy, find the way that works the best for you, whether it is actual meditation, relaxation, listening to music that gets you “in the flow,” or whatever it is for you.

This particular edition of the journal has a cover that looks like antique paper with moons..